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Thatcher's rants and musings 2006

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29 Dec 2006


I've been in Botswana for a couple months now. There's a little too much to properly blog about, but here are some tidbits:


15 Dec 2006

Printer Drivers

In the 21st century, there should be one single printer driver that works with any printer. There's a web server in my printer, for cripes sake; don't tell me it can't serve a little bit of metadata to tell my computer which one of three printer languages it uses.

HP is going to hell for this.

13 Dec 2006

GNU emacs 21.4 binaries for Windows


25 Oct 2006

More Tshirt

I put another t-shirt design on threadless.com, please vote for it:


In other news, I'm moving to Africa.

4 Oct 2006


I've been playing around making T-shirt designs. My supply of band T-shirts has dwindled over the years to almost nothing, and I'm too uncool to find new ones. I'm left with computer-related shirts, and the random stuff people give me. So it's time for some new shirts. My first attempt was a Pokey-themed design, printed courtesy of zazzle.com:

Pokeylogo T-shirt

You can click on the picture above and order one for yourself. They use a kind of fancy iron-on process similar to Cafe Press. When I first got my shirts I was a little bummed by how the printing looked, but after a washing I think they look pretty decent.

Anyhoo, I also came across http://threadless.com which is kind of fascinating -- they accept T-shirt designs from anybody, and anybody can vote on the designs. Every week or so they pick the best designs from that week and screen them, and sell them online. It's all very cannibalistic/mad-cow-disease. I do like the concept of designs for the sake of aesthetics, without trying to promote a brand, whether its a band or product or political party or what have you.

Here's where you come in: I have submitted a design, and I want you to vote for it, so they will screen-print it and make me rich and famous! Click on the doggie, and give it the highest rating your conscience permits:

poot! design

(Truth be told, the pooting dog is based on an old Sinkhole T-shirt I drew. Next time I will try something more novel.)

12 Sep 2006


Ambush At Junction Rock has a myspace page. With music. OMG!

23 Aug 2006

Plotting Burndown Charts

I just wrote a small note about plotting burndown charts using gnuplot.

19 Aug 2006


I recently had this conversation with Hazel:

H: [whiny voice] "Daddy?"

T: "Yeah? Close your eyes, Haze, it's time to go to sleep!"

H: "Daddy? My finger is all sticky!"

T: "What?"

H: "My finger is sticky! Here!"

T: "Let me see." [Feels finger. Not sticky. Maybe a little moist.]

T: "It's not sticky."

H: "No, sticky !"

T: "What?"

H: "Smell it!"

T: "Hm, OK." [Smells finger.] "Woah!! Your finger is really stinky ..."

H: "It was in my butt!"

12 June 2006

Nice Dick

I went to Barnes & Noble to get a copy of Philip K. Dick's A Scanner Darkly, thinking I would like to read it before the movie comes out. They didn't have it (B&N has got to have the worst content-to-square-footage ratio of any bookstore in known history), but they did have Time Out Of Joint, published in 1958, which I had never read before. It's an incredibly vivid paranoia fable, though it peters out some towards the end, like many of the pulpy Dick novels. Still better than just about anything else I could read on the subway.

30 Apr 2006


'Nuff said.

4 Feb 2006

Fashion Cycles

I just realized why some fashions seem to recur on ~30-year cycles -- it's a way for young hip people to feel more authentically grown-up. They have childhood memories of their parents or other adults wearing paisly shirts or legwarmers or raybans or mustaches (depending on the era & the parents). The younger generation is dressing up like their memory of their parents. And so it propagates.

Is this common knowledge? I need to start dressing a little better for Hazel's sake.

In other news, socks are your feet's underwear.

24 Jan 2006

Time Stretch

MythTV has a great feature called "Time Stretch", where you can speed up TV programs. Great for NewsHour; right now I'm watching slimebag Alberto Gonzales try to justify illegal wiretaps, 1.2x faster (and shorter) than real time.

9 Jan 2006

Movie Awards

Happy New Year everybody.

What's on my mind? A big raspberry to the big movie awards, that's what. The Critic's Circle awards just came out, and they're ridiculous. The Academy Awards will be equally annoying. Nobody cares about the Golden Globes, including me.

A special big raspberry to the movie critics with bad taste who recap the plot in their reviews. To cleanse the sour aftertaste of a year's worth of professional malpractice, I give you Thatcher's First Annual Sunday Night At The Movies awards:

Best Picture -- Head On

Best Comedy -- The 40 Year-Old Virgin

Best Action Movie -- Kung Fu Hustle

Best Korean Mind Blowing Stomach Churner -- Oldboy

Best Big Budget Men-in-tights Flick -- Batman Begins

Best Picture Starring Scarlet Johansen -- In Good Company

Best Musical About A Pimp -- Hustle And Flow

Weirdest Use Of Deadwood-style Antique Diction -- Firefly

Biggest Disappointment -- Syriana

Biggest Waste Of Time -- Crash

Worst Animated Film -- Steamboy

Slowest Art Flick -- Broken Flowers

Most Overrated -- Capote

Worst Acting -- Everyone in Episode III

Movies I Didn't See That I Will Probably Like -- The Constant Gardener, Walk The Line, Pride And Prejudice, Good Night And Good Luck, The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants

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