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Viva Tectrix VR

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From early in 1992 through mid-1998 I spent the majority of my waking hours writing software for interactive exercise machines, which saw the light of day as the Tectrix VR Bike and VR Climber products. The machines didn't take the world by storm, but there were some really cool aspects to what we did. In 1998 Tectrix was acquired by Cybex International, who promptly cancelled the VR machines and removed all evidence of their existence from the corporate web site, so I feel the need of a place to point people when I want to shamelessly bore them.



World Pack CD available for download

I just got another request for updated software. It's a dirty shame that not all VR machines have had the latest (released in June 1998) software! I've posted a CD image you can use to burn the latest World Pack -- see the new download page.


No more wiki

This used to all be in a wiki (TWiki), but apparently some script kiddie has been attacking its (many) security holes. Plus, I never really liked TWiki; it was confusing and ugly. It didn't seem like anybody was getting the hang of editing the pages, so RIP TWiki.

I've grabbed most of the wiki content and made it available as conventional web pages. If you see something that needs editing or want to add something, send me an email.

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