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If you have a Tectrix VR machine, but don't have the latest software CD, you can download the ISO image here and use it to burn your own copy. Any CD burning software ought to be able to use an ISO image. If you get stuck, ask your local teenager for help.

IMPORTANT: For the CD to be bootable by a VR machine, it must be a multi-session CD with two sessions. The first session should be audio; put any audio track there. The second session should be data; put the downloaded .ISO there.

This version is the latest that I have. It was released on June 19, 1998. It should work on any VRBike or VRClimber.

The titles included are:

  • Sweeney Town

  • St Benjamin's Island

  • Rocky vs the Firebugs (VRClimber only)

  • Penguin Peak

  • Aztec 2000

  • Deep (VRClimber only)

  • Tank

DOWNLOAD HERE: worldpack-1998-06-19.iso

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