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Between 1995 and 1998, CyberGear/Tectrix created a total of seven software titles for the VR machines.

  • Sweeney Town, the launch title for the VRBike in 1995, is a simulation of bike-riding in a pastoral New England setting.

  • St Benjamin's Island, which followed on the heels of SweeneyTown in the spring of 1996, took the experience to a fictional Carribean resort island.

  • Rocky vs the Firebugs was the launch title for the VRClimber, and expanded the VR technology in many important ways, including being the first title to use CGRT2, the second generation of our software engine. VRClimber only.

  • Penguin Peak was the third and final title that used the first-generation SweeneyTown technology. It places users in a virtual winter-sports playground.

  • Aztec 2000 was something completely different: a competitive virtual sport. (In many ways this is the title I'm most proud of)

  • Deep built on the CGRT2 engine and RockyVsTheFirebugs -like gameplay, but underwater, with some great character animation. VRClimber only.

  • Tank, the last title produced by Tectrix, was our first and only full-out shooter.

If you have a VR machine but don't have the CD with all those titles, see the download page.

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