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Penguin Peak

Around mid-October (which year? 95? 96?), we decided it would be nice of us to give our customers a sort of software Christmas card. We initially thought we'd change the color palette of Sweeney Town to mostly white, and maybe make a different title screen, but the project quickly snowballed (heh) into a fully new virtual world. The rule was, no new code, but anything that could be done in content was fair game, and we had all hands contributing.

It was actually a very fun title to develop, since unlike most game projects, we didn't have time to get thoroughly sick of the concept before it was done and shipped.

The no-code rule was good too; we coders got to try our hand at doing some content, and everybody had to think out of the box a little in order to make stuff work.

We didn't quite make Christmas, but it shipped soon thereafter and made a lot of people happy.

No screen shots handy at the moment...


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