Thatcher's writings from Botswana

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From September 1998 through September 1999, Julie and I lived in sunny Gabane, Botswana. I had never lived outside the U.S. before, and had only been abroad a couple of times on vacation, so living in Botswana was something new, something I never would have done of my own volition, and definitely something that shook me up a bit.

Anyway, Julie and I were in contact with friends and family back home via email, and I wrote down some of what I was experiencing in some long-winded newsletters. Some people who read them claimed to enjoy them, and encouraged me to write more. Since writing is hard, time-consuming work, I haven't written any more newsletters (even though I have notes and memories of funny experiences for a couple more, at least). Instead, I'm posting the three that I did finish, and maybe I'll get around to the others at some point.

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