Audio Clips

Here are a few audio clips of music I'm involved with in some way.

Originally I'd posted most of this stuff in RealAudio 16 kb/s formats. But low-bit-rate audio stinks, and MP3 seems to be the people's choice, so I re-encoded everything in MP3 at 128 kb/s.

For playing MP3 files, I use WinAMP which seems to work pretty well:

I used Exact Audio Copy and Blade Encoder to extract and encode the original Red Book audio. Those programs and many more can be found at

Ambush At Junction Rock, "Skanner Darkly"
These guys are friends of mine who I recorded on a Tascam 8-track cassette machine. Unfortunately they've broken up for the time being. The band is Rut on guitar and singing, Rachel on bass, and Al on drums. Rut did the mix on this song.
Holiday Magic, "Smilage"
More rock from Allston. Chris and Josh play guitars and sing, Maisie plays the drums, and Ferrell plays bass. This song is sung by Chris. I recorded it on a Tascam DA-38, which is a digital 8-track machine, not that you can tell from the RealAudio clip. We recorded four other equally awesome tunes during the same session.
Sinkhole, "Wreck On The Highway" and "See Through"
This is the modern adult-oriented band I play bass in. Chris plays drums, Jon plays guitar, and Eliot plays guitar. Vocal stylings on "Wreck" by yours truly, and that's Chris singing on "See Through".
Nofriendo, "Gracie", "Rock Of Gibraltar"
Nofriendo is another band I play bass in. John plays guitar and sings, Eliot (from Sinkhole) also plays guitar, and Dave plays drums. Our friend Marc who moved to California used to play guitar in Nofriendo also. (For a good time check out Marc's homepage.) This song is dedicated to the great Royce Gracie, who you know about if you've watched some of the classic Ultimate Fighting Championship videos. These songs were also recorded by me using the DA-38.
Soft Serv, "Gangster"
Yet another band I played in. My friend Lisa (ex Juicy) was really the visionary in Soft Serv, as the singer/songwriter/guitar player. I played bass and drums on this demo, which I recorded on the Tascam 8-track cassette machine. | Thatcher Ulrich