More Africa Photos : Namibia

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My friend Eliot visited Julie & me in Botswana in May/June 1999. Eliot and I took a camping trip to Namibia; here are some photos.

Yet another crazy-looking landscape photo.

Zebra parts, anyone? We found this stuff not far from where we camped.

See those brown lumps behind Eliot? Most of them are sea lions.

Inviting entrace to the Skeleton Coast National Park. Note whalebone gateposts.

About 200 more miles of this: the road from Swapkopmund up the Skeleton Coast.

Getting ready to shred.

Boarded it.

Eliot riding shotgun.

Eliot photographing one of about six trees in the Namib-Naukleft National Park.

Eliot with one of about six billion rocks in the Namib-Naukleft N.P.

The view from a big pile of rocks.

More crazy geology. There was another view like this around every corner.

Climbing dune 45.

Proof that I made it to the top.

Proof that Eliot made it to the top.

Do you know the wei to Sossusvlei?

Sossusvlei is the most photographed spot in Africa according to some tourism brochure I read.


Mos Eisley is just over the next row of dunes.

I've got 50 more of these from the same roll. | Thatcher Ulrich