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GNU emacs 21.4 compiled for Windows

8 Jan 2007

Don't Bother

Editor's note: don't bother with this -- it has a few misc bugs, and 21.4 lacks any interesting features. Either use gnu's 21.3, or try [[http://ourcomments.org/cgi-bin/emacsw32-dl-latest.pl][EmacsW32 which uses CVS sources]].

13 Dec 2006

emacs binaries

I'm setting up yet another Windows machine, and I wanted to try a newer Emacs than the precompiled 21.3 available on gnu.org. I couldn't find any precompiled version of 21.4.x for Win32, so I compiled it myself.

This was enough of a pain that I'm posting the tarball of binaries in case someone else wants them:


Install in the usual way -- untar to something like c:/emacs and add c:/emacs/bin to your PATH.

Caveats: I just compiled this today; I haven't tested the binaries very much yet.


Things that didn't work

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