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Scott McCloud on the Indie Game Jam and The Dueling Machine

One of my proudest career achievements was being featured in a Scott McCloud comic. The venue was the January 2003 issue of Computer Gaming World. The previous spring (2002), I had participated in Indie Game Jam 0, creating The Dueling Machine. At the Game Developers Conference the following week, Jon Blow featured the IGJ games at the Experimental Gameplay Workshop, and a bunch of the CGW editors got to play the games as well in a separate session. That's where Scott saw the game. At the time he was writing a regular "column" for CGW that consisted of a 1-page comic on some interesting aspect of computer games.

Scott decided to feature the Indie Game Jam, and singled out The Dueling Machine for special attention. We spoke on the phone for an hour or so while he was preparing to write the comic, which was a lot of fun for me, being a big fan of his work.

Anyway, here's a scan of the comic. Click for hi-res.

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