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Flingers is a simple, casual real-time/action Flower Defense game for Android. You fling pellets at the bugs that are trying to eat your flowers.

To fling pellets, you drag on the touch screen to operate a rubbery slingshot.

The game is playable but is not yet very polished.

Getting The Game

If you have an Android phone (e.g. T-Mobile G1), open the Market app, select Games, and look for Flingers.

If you don't have a phone but are intensely curious, you can install the Android SDK and run the game on the emulator. Here's the app package: Flingers.apk


  • Yes, the name is an Office Space reference.

  • Yes, I know it really needs sound effects. It has vibrate effects though!

  • Yes, the red-and-black flies are supposed to have wings. I'll get to that eventually.


Flingers is open-source, under the Apache 2.0 license. The project is hosted at http://code.google.com/p/flingers/

Filing Bugs

Buglist here: http://code.google.com/p/flingers/issues/list


The main TODO is to make the game deeper and more fun to replay. My current thoughts include:

  • Allow you to re-position your flowers between levels (e.g. maybe you get to fling flower seeds). This could add a strategy/skill element.

  • Add another friendly unit type. I'm thinking of a super-flower or a small tree. If you hit it with a pellet, that powers it up, and it winds up its branches and flings a bunch of pellets all at once at nearby enemies. At higher levels you would need to rely on the super-flowers because there would be too many enemies to shoot one-by-one.

  • Add barriers that the pellets bounce off of (allows bank-shots).

  • Make the flower-eating more progressive. E.g. maybe the worms eat one petal at a time, instead of the whole flower. The goal would be to make the end-of-game less abrupt and more suspenseful.

A secondary TODO is to make the game more attractive. I don't want to spend too much time on this until the gameplay is better though. Plans include:

  • Flapping wings on the flies!

  • Sound effects.

  • A more textured background.

  • Some details on the worms, e.g. eyes.

  • Some shading on the circles.

  • Improve the color choices.

I am kind of liking the procedural animation and the antialiased vector shapes and the high frame rate, so I may resist the temptation to add much in the way of bitmapped graphics.

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