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Space Freak

Space Freak is Sinkhole's second full-length album. We recorded it from October 3-7, 1994 at The Lanes in scenic Allston MA, with Mark Trombino. We released it on Dr. Strange Records

The album has been hard to find for a while. In 2008, we released the album under the Creative Commons Attribution License, to make it easier to find and listen to.

Share & enjoy.

Dr. Strange also distributes it via Google Play, Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, etc.


The audio files (in several bitrates) are hosted for download at the Internet Archive.

You can also try this Internet Archive Flash player:

The tracks are also available on Jamendo. You can download from there, or use this player here:


Here is the scanned artwork. Click on the images for 300 dpi versions.


You may freely copy the audio and image files and use them any way you want to, with the exception of "Jealous Again" by Greg Ginn of Black Flag, (c) SST Records.

If you modify or incorporate the work, please credit:
Sinkhole - http://slower.net/sinkhole

Legal details:

Creative Commons License
This work (collection of audio and image files) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.