Jeff Brown bass Pep Wells drums Tim Lauben guitar/vocals

"A thick mix and compelling vocal sound combined with punk energy make this record an irresistable gem which you will need to hear again and again." Formula

"I haven't really been blown away by a band in a while, but Huffy broke the hell out of that dry spell" Wire

"Full sound, rockin' good guitars; this fucking single knocked me over" Freedom Of Expression

They're talking about the Anything Goes 7" (RER 011) by Huffy, a short-lived band out of Burlington, VT. Huffy followed up this 7" with a hard-to-find 10-song CD No High Five on MeToo Records before disbanding. Singer/guitarist Tim Lauben can also be heard playing for his pre-Huffy band Snowplow (who you may remember from the Homage Descendents tribute CD) and with his post-Huffy band My Own Sweet, who had at least one CD EP out on a Burlington label.

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